UniDevv offers online courses on various subjects of Social Sciences. Our primary focus is on Development Studies, International Relations, Media, and Peace and Conflict Studies. Courses related to academic writing and research skills are also offered. In general, anyone can take UniDevv courses and benefit from it, but our courses are best suited for BA and MA level students who want to broaden theoretical understanding in a particular field or want to improve their critical thinking skills.

UniDevv courses do not offer academic credits, unless agreed separately with an academic institution.  Our courses are designed as self-paced, so there are no deadlines to meet.  We use videos, texts, audio lectures, photo stories and ebooks to enhance your learning experience. Our courses are never boring. You can be sure of that.

Why to take a UniDevv course?

  • A Variety of Choices: UniDevv offers you the best possibility to learn social sciences online. With expert-crafted courses on various topics of international development, international relations, media, peace studies and many more, UniDevv is the best place to start your journey to understanding the world.
  • A Novel Approach to Knowledge: We believe that there is no single, authoritative source of knowledge. So, whenever we design our courses, we draw inspiration from multiple knowledge systems and include diverse viewpoints. As a result the learning outcome is thorough and in-depth.
  • Making it Simple & Fun: Making complex ideas simple is at the core of what we do. Learning shouldn’t be painful – that’s our mantra. That’s why we strive to deconstruct complex theoretical concepts into simple terms and use stories, real life experiences and case studies to enhance the learning process.

UniDevv was found in mid-2017 by a group of academic and tech-enthusiasts.